• What is a WETT Inspection?
  • There is no real WETT Inspection, we inspect to WETT standards of training and complete a compliant report, to available standards.
  • What is the difference between a WETT Certified inspector and technician?
    • Inspectors have specific training in making observations and are limited to using very limited tools and record findings on observations. They are not certified to go beyond limitations in theory or use of tools or making changes to the system. Findings from a inspector may require getting additional inspection from a technician.
    • WETT Trained Technicians have advance knowledge and training and are qualified to make changes and recommendations beyond those of an inspector. They also have the required certification to do onsite basic inspection.
    • Chris Major ( Chris's wood heat services) is both Inspector/Technician
  • Does WETT standards require you to be there for the inspection?
    • No, but it is strongly recommended. It's easier to go over potential issues, maintenance recommendations and required changes on site vs text, email etc.
    • You can of course have someone there on your behalf, such as family, neighbour, tenant, etc..
  • Does WETT standards require you to be there for the whole inspection?
    • No, but again it is strongly recommended. A inspection agreement needs to be signed on site to show limitations of what is covered under the inspection requested.

 How much do inspection to WETT standards cost?

    • A maintenance inspection starts at 250.00, for inspections that include compliance reports to WETT standards start @ 275.00 for the first appliance and 150.00 for the second and so on.
    • To confirm changes often no charge, with pictures sent to us, or 150.00 and up to cover cost to return if needed.
    • Prices vary on appliances and potential distance for more remote locations
    • Prices can change without notice due to fuel surcharges or other cost that we may incur.

 How do we get in touch with Chris Wood Heat services?

    • Ideally, a quick call to 705 498-8200 is the fastest way to book your inspection. We can be reached 24/7 but if we are on another line or out of cell range you may want to leave a message. We return calls, usually within minutes.
    • We have a contact page on this site or you can email acechimney39@gmail.com

 How long do inspections to WETT standards take?

    • Typical inspections take about 1.5 to 2.5 hours on site and additional office time producing the report with pictures.
    • You can have the report sent by email or by post.

 Do partial inspections meet WETT standards?

    • In a maintenance inspection we can inspect some of the system, this would not generate a compliance report meeting WETT standards.This inspection would be for performance or safety issues of the system or instructions to the proper use of the system installed.
    • Trade Associations and insurance providers require us to only complete full recommended compliance inspections so there is no misunderstanding of areas covered.

 What do you Inspect for WETT compliance?

 What if the system does not comply to WETT standard do you charge to go back and reinspect?

    • We pride ourselves with serving some of the most remote locations in Ontario. We try as much as possible to leave the system compliant, if small adjustment or repairs are required, we can correct this often at no charge.
    • We can often use pictures to followup on required changes that would negate additional charges, but sometimes it would require returning, we would then charge 150.00 and up to recover expenses, time and mileage if needed rather than charging for a complete inspection.
    • We regardless of circumstances reserve the right to return to verify compliance, this may be do to time between inspection and follow up or the lack of information or photos that do not confirm remedial corrections and/or any other unforeseen reasons.
  •  What is the cost for a consultation on doing my own install or quote?

        Typically the cost for a install consultation is 275.00 and an additional charge for follow up on the completed install that is based on travel cost and expenses starting at 150.00. 

There is no cost for follow up if we are involved in the install. 

  • Is a consultation an inspection to WETT standards?    
    • No