Loring & Port Loring

If your looking for property or land to build on in the Port Loring or Loring area

Economical cottages, three season or your future retirement home


Is a good place to start, they have history in this area that is second to none

I can easily say this area was my biggest challenge, but having said that my favourite place to work.

The locals appreciate the services they receive and the influx of seasonal residents add the spice.


A very special thanks to the local building material suppliers

that make so much possible.


It's imperative that we all support them to continue having local needs met now and in the future

We have serviced these areas for two decades, whether it's a wood stove installation to WETT standards at a Hunt Camp, or a WETT inspection to confirm compliance for insurance at a cottage, island get away, a residential or commercial property.

We can consult on new installs, on renovations, while new homes are being built or help people install their own appliance who may need some hand holding through the experience.  We would then conduct a WETT compliance report to document the install for permit purposes or insurance requirements.

We can accommodate remote and water access locations

Service 1

Residential WETT inspections for all your Insurance needs.

We take measurements make observations, take pictures and produce a 4 to 9 page recommended report to WETT standards, that can be sent right into your inbox.

Service 2

Consultation on new construction or renovation installs to identify the best location and materials to use for a safe and cost effective install.

We then can follow up with  a WETT compliance report once completed

Service 3

Full or partial install. This can give you a chance to install that stove in the garage man cave without a heating contractor and have us complete the task, with all the documentation you may need for a WETT compliance report.