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Wood Stoves and Cottages

It's that time of year again when people migrate to their secondary homes in the region, such as cottages and hunt camps. After conducting many home inspections and W.E.T.T. (wood energy technology transfer) inspections in these homes away from home, one cannot ignore the common problems often seen. It appears that many times the levels of safety are not equal to what people would insist upon at their main residence. Wood stoves are often an old, unwanted unit given by well-intentioned people. They can come with used venting and often the chimney is an improper length and may not be rated for wood. Other concerns are improper clearances to combustible material, at times little to no ember (spark) protection or attic shields, and lacking carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Often the location of these cottages camps etc. are remote with limited fire protection or even emergency services. Coupled with the fact that the users may have limited experience with wood stoves and may have invited guests that have no idea that the infrastructure around them may be unsafe can create the perfect storm for a preventable incident.

Find out the requirements for the safe installation and operation of a wood stove and have at least all the safety’s you would have in your residence. Make sure invited guests have a good knowledge of the operating systems and safety plans should they have to act. Make sure that before handing the keys over to a guest to stay at the cottage, that they have all the required information before and at the cottage to make it safe. Call your local W.E.T.T. technician with any questions you have. Have fun and be safe.

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